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Dental Implants

If you are looking for dental crowns or partial dentures, our dental office offers all the latest in dental technology to give you that perfect smile

Your Source of General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry Services

If you have experienced loss of teeth, chronic tooth pain, and a lack of self-confidence due to any number of reasons with your smile, the Center for Advanced Dentistry can help. Our team of family, general, and cosmetic dentists specialize in a range of dental services that not only aims to improve the way you smile but also alleviate oral pains you may experience on a daily basis. As part of our dental services, we offer All-On-Four dental implants, teeth whitening, dental crowns, partial and permanent dentures, tooth fillings, emergency dentistry, dental veneers and periodontal disease treatment to handle all your oral care needs. In an effort to make you as comfortable as possible, we also offer IV sedation dentistry during your appointment to help you feel relaxed towards better oral health.

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Dental Services:

Same Day Dentures- In some cases, dentures may be the best solution. Instead of being inconvenienced by living without teeth while your dentures are created, which could take up to a couple of weeks, same day dentures are an option. These dentures are inserted immediately after the teeth are removed which allows patients to begin learning to eat and speak with your new teeth. Walk out of our office with confidence!

Gum Recession Treatment- Due to periodontal disease, aging, or brushing habits, you may lose gum tissue along the gumline, known as gum recession. The root of the tooth may become exposed which could lead to tooth decay and other problems. We offer treatment options to help prevent further problems.

Cosmetic and General Dentistry- We offer a variety of cosmetic and general dentistry services to help maintain your family’s oral health. We strive to help you keep your mouth and teeth healthy with cleanings and other services. If you are unhappy with your smile, let us know and we can discuss options to fix your teeth.

If you have a question about any of the dental procedures we offer, please contact us today. We are happy to address all of your concerns before your next appointment

Benefits of Tooth Fillings

At the Center for Advanced Dentistry, we strive to alleviate any oral pain that you may be having. We understand that tooth pain can hit at any time which is why we strive to offer the best solution for you. This may include tooth fillings, a crucial procedure in maintaining oral health and preventing further dental complications. The procedure restores the structural integrity of a tooth that has been damaged and prevents further deterioration.

Tooth fillings help alleviate tooth sensitivity and discomfort. Since cavities expose sensitive inner layers of the tooth, you may experience pain when drinking hot or cold liquids or snacking on sweet treats. Our family dentist can help seal off the exposed nerve endings to reduce sensitivity and improve your quality of life.

By choosing to get your teeth filled, you can maintain proper oral hygiene, prevent the spread of decay, and reduce the risk of further infections. If you are experiencing sensitivity or tooth pain, contact our office to schedule an appointment and let our team help in the Auburn, Lewiston, Turner, and Freeport, ME areas.

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