Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Services for Auburn & Lewiston, ME

It’s an unfortunate reality that many people out there do not like the look of their smiles. Feeling like you need to hide your teeth while speaking or refrain from expressing your full emotions when something makes you happy can be very difficult to deal with. It’s never too late to do something about your smile, however. One of the simplest solutions is having your teeth professionally whitened.

Center for Advanced Dentistry is your source for teeth whitening services in the Auburn, Lewiston, and surrounding ME areas. Yellow, stained, or otherwise discolored teeth is one of the most common complaints our cosmetic dentists hear from patients. While you may have multiple factors that keep you from being fully satisfied with your smile, whitening serves as a good starting point because it is quick, pain-free, and cost-effective. You’ll be amazed at the benefits you experience from such a minor procedure!

Enjoy Your Smile More Thanks to Teeth Whitening!

Teeth can lose their naturally pearly appearance through a number of factors. Stains build up over years and years, but the power of professional teeth whitening can typically remove them in a single session. A bleaching gel will enter into the pores of your teeth to eliminate stains by breaking down their chemical bonds. Having a cosmetic dentist whiten your teeth, as opposed to purchasing an at-home, over-the-counter product, will get you maximum brightness in minimal time. A standard teeth whitening appointment lasts roughly an hour and can easily be combined into a routine cleaning visit. For best results, most patients repeat the process three or four times. Be aware that you may feel some sensitivity after treatment, but this is normal and will pass before long.

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