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Local Family Dentist for Auburn & Lewiston, ME

Our family dentists at the Center For Advanced Dentistry know the importance of building rapport with their patients. No one wants to receive dental services from a dentist that is distant and checked out. Our dental office is in Auburn, ME, but we proudly offer our dental services throughout the Turner, Freeport, and Lewiston, ME areas.

As a family dentist, we care about the oral health of everyone in your family – from young children to seniors. This means that everyone in the family can visit the same dentist, reducing the number of doctors you need to call and schedule appointments at. Seeing everyone in the whole family allows us to track and monitor the oral health of each family member over time, allowing for early detection and prevention of dental issues. Not having to visit different dental offices can be a huge time saver for many families, especially those with busy schedules.

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At the Center for Advanced Dentistry, we take the time to build trust with our patients and strive to make them feel comfortable seeing us, especially those who are a little apprehensive about going to the dentist. Routine visits help reduce anxiety and fear associated with dental visits. Let us help you simplify your dental care routine. Contact our family dentists today to schedule an appointment!


What to Consider When You’re
Looking for a Family Dentist

  • Has worked with both kids and adults – It’s important to make sure the family dentist you are considering has experience with both kids and adults.
  • Has pediatric dentistry training – Pediatric dentistry takes a high level of patience, but also the ability to show you care through actions and words. A dental office is a scary place for kids, so check with the dental office to make sure they have experience working with kids.
  • Is gentle and kind – Kids need a pediatric or family dentist that can be kind and gentle, even if a child is screaming and having a hard time.
  • Location and hours – Finding a family dentist that isn’t far from your home and has hours that fit your schedule will be very helpful. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker though because nothing beats having a family dentist that works well for the whole family.

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