What Do Our Patients Say?

“It was very relaxed. I had no pain and no fear.”

– Judy D., Lisbon Falls

“Sedation takes away all the anxiety. I feel comfortable getting dental work done now.”

– Lonnie K., Wiscasset

“Anxiety caused by bad experience as a child kept me from the dentist. Sedation helped me get the treatment I needed and I was able to gain trust in my dental team.”

– Barbara H., Auburn

“I was scared of the dentist, but with oral sedation I had a good experience and my jaw wasn’t sore.”

– Tammy S., Lisbon Falls

“My dental treatment didn’t hurt! I recommend sedation to everyone.”

– Tracey M., Greene

“I kept putting off going to the dentist. I just regret not doing treatment with sedation before now.”

– Tamera S., Wilton

“I was absolutely petrified. The whole experience is exactly what it says, totally relaxed. I would have lived with bad teeth forever, not any more due to sedation dentistry.”

– Judy H., Freeport

“Sedation has removed 98% of my fear of going to the dentist.”

– Kathy A., Otisfield

“Without sedation I never would have done any treatment. Now I am no longer afraid of dental appointments.”

– Andrea Q. Lewiston

“The best dentistry I’ve ever had. If you haven’t been to the dentist, I would highly recommend it.”

– Steve B., Buckfield

“Don’t put off going to the dentist, sedation was a positive experience. I recommend it to anybody whose had a bad experience.”

– Carole P., Auburn

“I would highly recommend conscious sedation, no worries from beginning to end.”

– Bonnie T., Minot

“I didn’t go to the dentist because of fear, now after my sedation experience I don’t mind going to the dentist.”

– Chantel R., Auburn

“Sedation was the answer for me and for all the dental chickens out there this is the way to go. Don’t be afraid make the call.”

– Ruth P., Sidney