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These days, dental technology is progressing at an unprecedented rate. In order to receive the finest care, it’s imperative that you contact a qualified professional who’s been trained to administer the latest dental treatments and techniques. Thankfully, the staff members at the Center for Advanced Dentistry are constantly standing by to boost your level of oral health.

Not only is our team equipped to administer a suite of general dentistry services, but we offer safe and effective cosmetic dentistry treatments, as well. On top of that, our professionals provide comfortable and durable dental implants to local patients throughout the Auburn, ME region. No matter the state of your teeth, you can rely on the Center for Advanced Dentistry to restore the look of your smile.


Browse the Latest Center for Advanced Dentistry Reviews

While we believe that our innovative dentistry services will speak for themselves, browse the following section to see some of the latest Center for Advanced Dentistry reviews. Our team is constantly collecting glowing feedback from residents of the Auburn, ME community. Additionally, if you’re interested in scheduling an upcoming consultation at our welcoming facility, be sure to contact one of our knowledgeable representatives. The Center for Advanced Dentistry offers the very latest in dental implants, sedation dentistry procedures, and beyond.

“It was very relaxed. I had no pain and no fear.”

– Judy D., Lisbon Falls

“Sedation takes away all the anxiety. I feel comfortable getting dental work done now.”

– Lonnie K., Wiscasset

“Anxiety caused by bad experience as a child kept me from the dentist. Sedation helped me get the treatment I needed and I was able to gain trust in my dental team.”

– Barbara H., Auburn

“I was scared of the dentist, but with oral sedation I had a good experience and my jaw wasn’t sore.”

– Tammy S., Lisbon Falls

“My dental treatment didn’t hurt! I recommend sedation to everyone.”

– Tracey M., Greene

“I kept putting off going to the dentist. I just regret not doing treatment with sedation before now.”

– Tamera S., Wilton

“I was absolutely petrified. The whole experience is exactly what it says, totally relaxed. I would have lived with bad teeth forever, not any more due to sedation dentistry.”

– Judy H., Freeport

“Sedation has removed 98% of my fear of going to the dentist.”

– Kathy A., Otisfield

“Without sedation I never would have done any treatment. Now I am no longer afraid of dental appointments.”

– Andrea Q. Lewiston

“The best dentistry I’ve ever had. If you haven’t been to the dentist, I would highly recommend it.”

– Steve B., Buckfield

“Don’t put off going to the dentist, sedation was a positive experience. I recommend it to anybody whose had a bad experience.”

– Carole P., Auburn

“I would highly recommend conscious sedation, no worries from beginning to end.”

– Bonnie T., Minot

“I didn’t go to the dentist because of fear, now after my sedation experience I don’t mind going to the dentist.”

– Chantel R., Auburn

“Sedation was the answer for me and for all the dental chickens out there this is the way to go. Don’t be afraid make the call.”

– Ruth P., Sidney

“I came to Dr. Bernstein and his staff with many years of dental trauma. In an emergency, they were most helpful giving me clear choices. I find Dr. Bernstein to be kind, empathetic, and professional. After 2+ years I have a superb set of implants both upper and lower. Although the expense was significant it is well worth the investment. My self-confident smile, capacity to eat, and overall improvement in quality of life is stunning. I can not say enough about how wonderful the Center for Advanced Dentistry is.”

– Roland S.

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