Tooth Fillings

Professional Tooth Fillings for Auburn, ME

Your dental health is an important aspect of your overall health. Practicing good dental hygiene can help to ensure a healthy mouth and teeth, boost your confidence, and prevent costly dental issues. Unfortunately, the food we eat and the drinks we drink every day are filled with harmful substances that can damage our teeth and cause cavities. Cavities begin as small holes in your teeth but can quickly grow much larger. They can compromise the integrity of your tooth and end up causing you to lose that tooth. Tooth fillings are a simple solution to prevent cavities that you have from growing and compromising your teeth.

Benefits of Tooth Fillings

  • Stopping the Progression of the Cavity: Cavities will continue to grow unless there is a barrier in place to prevent bacteria and harmful substances from causing more damage. A tooth filling will act as that barrier for a small cavity and prevent it from growing and compromising the tooth.
  • Restores Appearance: Teeth that are full of cavities looks bad. No one wants to smile when they know that they have many cavities. It does not look pleasant. Fillings help to make your teeth look normal again, especially if you get white-colored fillings.
  • Affordable: Dental fillings are affordable options for fixing your cavities. They are more affordable than dental crowns. Better yet, most insurance providers will cover the cost of fillings, as long as you have paid your co-pay.
  • Quick: You can often get all of your fillings done in a single visit. There is typically no need to go to your local dentist for more than one appointment. They also last several years.

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The Center For Advanced Dentistry is a family dentist serving the Auburn, ME area. We provide professional dental fillings to help prevent the progression of cavities. Cavities are holes in your teeth that over time, when left unchecked, will grow and compromise the teeth. This can cause pain when biting, sensitivity to cold or heat, and decreased self-esteem. Thankfully, tooth fillings can help stop the spread of cavities, are affordable, and are quick to do. Contact us today to schedule your dental visit!