Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry Services for Auburn, ME

A dental emergency is an issue that requires immediate attention. This does not include dental cleanings, x-rays, and teeth whitening. Emergencies may include tooth pain, periodontal disease, loose teeth, and sports injuries. If you believe you are experiencing an emergency, come to our dental office immediately. Your dental health is important to your overall health and comfort. We will take a look at your concern and determine the necessary corrective actions.

Signs You Have a Dental Emergency

As we discussed earlier, not everything is a dental emergency. Common services including dental cleanings, teeth whitening, and teeth straightening are not emergencies. Although some of these services may improve the appearance of your teeth and seem like an emergency to you, they simply are not. Here are some signs that you are having an emergency:

  • Excessive Bleeding of Gums
  • Knocked-Out Tooth
  • An Abscessed or Infected Tooth
  • Severe Pain or Discomfort
  • Broken Crown or Denture
tooth pain

Contact Our Dental Office Today!

The Center For Advanced Dentistry is a dental office serving the Auburn, ME area. We proudly provide emergency dentistry services that include solutions for tooth pain, infected teeth, knocked-out teeth, and broken crowns. If you are experiencing any of the signs listed above, get in touch with our dental office immediately. It is important to receive dental care quickly to minimize the impact on your dental health.